"Raegan Thorp sold our house in Grayson Ga. she had valuable advice and recommendations to help with sale of our home. We had a contract in 5 days and we got our asking price. Raegan is a joy to work with and is very knowledgeable. I recommend her to anyone that wants to sell their home"

Rodney Cooper
Lawrenceville, GA

"Raegan was very knowledgeable and was exactly who we needed to help us purchase our first home. She kept our interests in mind and was invaluable in the negotiation process as we had no experience closing on a home. We will definitely be calling Raegan Thorp when it is time to buy our next home!"

Jason Aspinwall
Decatur, GA

"Raegan helped me sell the condominium that I had bought for my daughter while she attended college. I was extremely pleased with the price I received for the property due entirely to Raegan's knowledge of the economy, the local market, and contracts on other similar properties. She was a skillful negotiator and was able to move the process forward. She took a personal interest in the sale and arranged for contractors to make the condo look its best, taking time to meet the contractors at the property and monitor their work. Her advice on what to do and what not to do was impeccable."

Larry Cram
Sandy Springs, GA

"Finally, it was the right time to try to get out from under a condo/townhome that I bought in 2003. In full disclosure, the ultimate goal was to go through the listing and selling process with a target of breaking even. Breakeven you ask? Yes, breakeven. I refnanced near the peak of the market prior to the bubble bursting in 2008. In order to be priced correctly in the market plus agent commissions, my numbers were very tight. Thus, careful management of all expenses during this process was paramount. A few things I would point out about Raegan that should confirm that she should be your agent are... 1. Availability and responsiveness...she will be there for you whether in-person, phone, text and/or email. 2. Trust her guidance. She is willing to go with her client1s wishes. However, sometimes you (like me) will need to take a step back, listen and understand the process. By me understanding this and having some faith in her expertise and process saved me handsomely. 3. Resourceful. If she doesn't have the answer, she will get the answer from a trusted source and/or expert in the industry. 4. Fight! She has her client1s best outcome, top of mind. Sometimes I was more willing to give or settle to keep the process moving once there was a "fsh on the line". However, that is her role as your agent, to carry you through the process with a goal of maximizing the transaction in her client's (your) favor with an outcome that serves you best. 5. Let her stage (and put some nail holes in your wall). The difference between a minimally stage space and an empty space really does make a world of difference. 6. Lastly, if you are God-fearing...she is faithful and this is a key driver in how she goes to market with your property if you are the seller or your wishes if you are the buyer. There are many other attributes that I could list, but these are some of the highlights that I believe are important for you to know about. If you are wondering what the outcome was. We ended up with 5 offers in a week, three above asking and one all cash. Once my tenants moved out and accounting for every penny was on my watch, my net proceeds after my 14-year marriage was around $125! My fnal sale price was North of the original listing price. If you think that this might reflect poorly on Raegan and her performance and ability, DON'T. Know that only several years ago this same property nearly in the same condition (no major upgrades, fxes, etc. during the listing period) was under water over $100K. Breakeven was always my ultimate goal knowing where the market comps were. Remember it's not what YOU think it's worth, it's what the market is willing to bare and ultimately, what a buyer will pay."

Zach Gatch
Smyrna, GA

"Reagan is excellent. She's very professional & she makes sure you are satisfied. I have recommended Reagan to my family and friends. She's exceptional."

Kathy Lord
Loganville, GA

"Raegan is a fantastic realtor! She helped us sell our condo and 2017 in the Smyrna area. She was excellent in getting the word out about our condo to other realtors and in the community of Smyrna. She's very knowledgeable about real estate and diligently worked to help us understand the area with regards to sellers. She was very responsive to our needs and fears. We needed to condo to sell quickly and it did! She helped us understand the negotiation process and timeline. She's a fighter with regards to her clients and works to obtain top results. She obtained those with us"

Amy Gatch
Marietta, GA

"Raegan is amazing! We could not find a house on the short trip we had to look for housing. Raegan went far above what was expected by going to houses and sending us videos of each house. We were able to pick out a house sight unseen thanks to her willingness to go to each house for us."

Sheila Wilson
Locust Grove, GA

"Raegan is definitely one of the best people you will ever meet!! She goes above and beyond for anyone without even being asked. You will not be disappointed by this amazing lady!"

Kristina Schutt
Greenfield, IN

"Raegan is amazing! Within 24 hours of listing we had multiple offers for our home! We credit that to Raegan's excellent advice on improvements to make before listing, her help staging our home, and her experience and understanding of the market. Raegan also helped us find a new home in Decatur. We've been here just over a year now and couldn't be happier with our purchase! Raegan is wonderful to work with and you can tell how much she cares about her clients and loves what she does."

Meredith Roman
Decatur, GA

"Raegan is a get it done kind of person. I don't know how she keeps so much energy. She's action-oriented and community oriented!"

Julie Kucera
Marietta, GA